The Best Outdoor Patios in Saint Paul for 2022 - Little Blue Backpack (2023)

Patio season has a special place in all Minnesotan’s hearts! After surviving the winter months, there is nothing like grabbing bottomless mimosas and sipping them outside. You can easily find a great spot in the Twin Cities with many of your options living in St. Paul. The best outdoor patios in Saint Paul range from classic American restaurants to authentic Mexican places plus breakfast bars and breweries.

You may have enjoyed a heated patio but it’s finally time for outdoor patio seating that does not require hats and mittens! Here are the best outdoor patios in Saint Paul to enjoy in the summer months—and beyond:

The Best Outdoor Patios in Saint Paul for 2021

Lake Monster Brewing

Kicking off with a cool and casual place that is always serving a wide variety of cold beers. Lake Monster Brewing in St. Paul is a place to kick back, enjoy the large outdoor space, and grab some grub from the food trucks. During the winter months, you could sit near a fire pit or one of the heat lamps, but thankfully, it’s even more enjoyable when temps are warm and the sun is shining. There is no table service so head up to the bar to order—there are both year-round options and seasonal. And if the food truck(s), aren’t up your alley, they have no problem with you bringing your own food in. Your dogs are invited.

Urban Growler Brewing Pub

Close to Lake Monster is another brewery called Urban Growler Brewing Pub—you could easily do a little brew hop between the two, and it’s the first women-owned microbrewery in Minnesota. This casual, family-friendly spot offers a fun beer garden that is perfect for summer! There are plenty of picnic tables and a few barrel table tops with the brick building and green shrubs completing the vibe. They offer a range of craft beer and a full food menu complete with burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and salads.

Red Rabbit

Craving a quality Italian meal? The food menu at Red Rabbit offers a variety of options from pasta to pizza and everything in between. You can enjoy your noodles on their outdoor patio with an exposed brick fireplace and string lights in a laid-back environment. Come for a relaxed date night or meet up with friends and find what you’re looking for on the drink menu, offering cocktails, plenty of wine, and local beers. Note: there is also a Red Rabbit in the North Loop – Minneapolis.

If you are looking for Minneapolis patios, read The Best Outdoor Patios in Minneapolis!

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The Gnome Pub

One of my favorite restaurants in St. Paul with a fantastic space to sit outside and enjoy both the weather and your food and drinks. The Gnome Pub’s wide-open patio wraps around the building amongst the trees with plenty of seating and a fireplace for cooler nights. The beer list is extensive and their American food menu is classic with a twist. Try the Duck Wings, Pear and Fig Jam Grilled Cheese, or Beer Can Chicken. You’ll be one happy gnome! Oh, and the space is dog-friendly so you can bring your pup.

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W.A. Frost

This is one of the most beautiful spots in Saint Paul when it comes to outdoor seating. WA Frost and Company is one of the favorite places of many and will win you over with its incredible charm. Come here to enjoy the upscale American menu, but stay because you feel like you’re in a fairytale. It’s a historic location and their outdoor space is designed with vertical gardens and ivy walls, trees surrounding you, string lights, and flowers. This is a great option for a special occasion or just when you desire a nice glass of wine in a quiet setting.

Sweeney’s Saloon

This restaurant/bar has an awesome outdoor space! Big stone fireplace. Canopy of trees above you. A great patio below two short decks. And a full bar. It all rounds out to be a super fun place in a casual environment. Sweeney’s Saloon has both an extensive beer list and a great wine list which you can pair with classic American eats or larger entrees like the Walleye Sandwich, Gyro, or the Taco Basket. This place is sure to make you feel right at home.

Handsome Hog

If bourbon and delicious Southern eats are high on your list, then this is your spot! The Handsome Hog outdoor patio has the best bar (with a TV) and plenty of tables with umbrellas for a nice outdoor dining experience. And the food is mouth-watering. Top Chef Champion, Justin Sutherland, has Chicken & Waffles, BBQ sandwiches, smoked brisket, gumbo, and spare ribs on the menu. And don’t forget sides—mac and cheese, greens, biscuits, red rice, and more southern-style eats that will leave you wondering which to pick! And I’m not done raving yet because they have a fantastic cocktail list, as well as bottomless mimosas during their Saturday/Sunday brunch. Get this place on your 2021 list!

Red Cow

A Twin Cities classic. Red Cow, the place to be when you are craving the best burger in town. If you’re hoping for outside, they have a small sidewalk patio that is a great space to enjoy a Breakfast Burger (with peanut butter!) and people watch. There is something for everyone at Red Cow as their menu is rounded out with classic salads, chicken sandwiches, as well as turkey burgers and vegan options. If you’ve never been to Red Cow, make an effort to get here! They also have locations in Uptown, North Loop, and 50th St. and France.


Time for a rooftop patio that is is one of the best Saint Paul restaurants. The Louis Ristorante rooftop bar is the largest in St. Paul, complete with a full bar, TVs, and some great views of the city in a tavern feel environment. Stop in for Italian cuisine and a space that is part of the Cossetta Alimentario, a true Italian marketplace. They have an extensive wine list (of course!), craft cocktails, and beer to go along with a classic Italian dish. You can’t go wrong here—one of the best outdoor patios in Saint Paul.

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Patrick Mcgovern’s Pub

A St. Paul classic and a great place to spend a Saturday. Patrick McGovern’s Pub, inside an 1888 redbrick building, offers a fun (sometimes rowdy!) environment that serves American pub food with TVs & a patio. This place is huge, as is their outdoor patio space—which also includes a heated tent when it’s chilly. It’s nicely decorated and a welcoming environment with big TVs so you don’t have to miss the game when you’re outside. They offer daily specials and Monday-Friday happy hour.

Note: there is no better place to do St. Patrick’s Day in Minnesota than Patrick Mcgovern’s Pub in St. Paul!

Waldmann Brewery

If you’re looking for craft beers and some history, don’t miss this brewery! Waldmann Brewery serves German beers along with bratwursts, schnitzels, and other German dishes. Everything is best enjoyed in their outdoor Biergarten—which often has live music as well. Now for the history. Waldmann is the oldest surviving commercial building in the Twin Cities and an old lager beer saloon. The place still offers wood stoves, pinewood floors, oil lamps, as well as maps, photographs, and memorabilia.

Bad Weather Brewing

Bad Weather Brewing opens its garage-style doors to welcome the patio guests into the brewery space. The outdoor patio has large picnic tables and standing areas to enjoy both craft beers and the weather. This is a good place to come no matter which style of beer you prefer from lagers to sours. Bad Weather also hosts a range of food trucks and you can of course never go wrong with that! This place is authentic and fun and always a good stop while you’re out looking for the best outdoor patios in Saint Paul.

Burger Moe’s

Sports bar with big TVs, great burgers, and a long beer list. Sign me up! Burger Moe’s is an affordable hang-out located in the heart of downtown with happy hour and 21 (!!!) different burger options. The outdoor patio is colorful and fun with overhanging trees, string lights, and plenty of space. Their burgers and classic American menu are great—and don’t forget the hot fresh mini donuts for dessert!

Black Sheep

One of the top spots for pizza in the Twin Cities. As the firstcoal-burning pizzarestaurant in Minnesota, Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza brings you fresh pies with top-notch ingredients. Enjoy your pizza (you really can’t go wrong with what you choose) on the sidewalk patio in St. Paul. Grab the meatballs as an app to go with it, plus a cold beer and you’re all set! Black Sheep pizza also has two locations in Minneapolis.

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Brunson’s Pub

If you’re looking for some good food outside, look no further than Brunson’s Pub! One of the best places in Saint Paul serves gastropub fare in an outdoor space surrounded by greenery. The made-from-scratch menu features burgers, sandwiches, wings, and top-notch craft cocktails. This is one of those places where you can always count on great food and a good experience!

St. Paul Brewing

Enjoy craft beers and outdoor service in the historic, red-brick St. Paul building that was once Hamm’s Brewery. Come late spring and into summer, everything turns green on their outdoor patio, surrounded by brick and string lights that brings a modern twist on history. Not only are you grabbing fresh beers at St. Paul Brewing, but delicious pizzas with fun and creative toppings.

Boca Chica | Restaurante Mexicano & Cantina

Come grab margaritas and a plate of tacos—outside of course! Boca Chica has a fun and colorful outdoor patio where you’ll get a taste of authentic Mexican food and drinks. They offer around 50 different tequilas and 13 styles of margaritas as well as great happy hour specials (Monday-Friday, 2-5 pm) and all of the classic Mexican favorites to eat.

Joan’s in the Park

A quaint little place perfect for date night. This place is high-quality dining and includes organic foods straight from the farm. Everything from bread to sauces and desserts is made from scratch, in-house. Joan’s in the Park has a beautiful outdoor patio that is covered and looks out onto the St. Paul street. If you’re going fancy, this is the spot.

The Lexington

Rooftop time and one of the classic outdoor patios in Saint Paul! An upscale and elegant restaurant brings things outside on a breezy, spacious rooftop with a full bar. The Lexington serves a famous chicken pot pie that shares a menu with quality steaks and seafood. There’s live jazz music and an ambiance that is tough to beat. Definitely stop here if you’ve never been before!

Iron Ranger

Classic American food and drinks with great service are what the Iron Ranger brings. Right on Grand Ave. in St. Paul, the outdoor patio area is so cute, complete with greenery and pops of color. This is a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy good food and beverages.

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Hope Breakfast Bar

Breakfast all day! And one of the best menus in all of St. Paul, including delicious cocktails and made-to-order coffee drinks in a trendy environment. Sit out on the Hope Breakfast Bar sidewalk patio (and in the street!) and order drool-worthy dishes like Bourbon Smoked Salmon Toast, the Hawaiian Bowl, Fried Chicken & Waffles, and Banana Churro Waffles. This is a spot where picking something off the menu is difficult because you literally want everything! Come here for the first time and it certainly won’t be your last time. This is one of the BEST outdoor patios in Saint Paul.

Downtown Minneapolis, Northeast Minneapolis, and other Twin Cities Patios

  • Psycho Suzi’s
  • Hai Hai
  • Hola Arepa
  • Aster Cafe
  • Hazelwood Food

Read The Best Outdoor Patios in Minneapolis for all of the details!

The Best Outdoor Patios in Saint Paul for 2021

Patio dining is such a fun experience and the perfect way to get out there and enjoy the weather. Which Minnesota restaurants have your favorite outdoor patios?

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